There are many differences between Fish Oils and Virgin Coconut oil, starting with their physical structure. The structure of fish oils and coconut oil is very different, and fish oils and coconut oil are used and metabolized differently in the body.

For more information on the benefits of virgin coconut oil, click here.

You may give coconut oil along with and fish oils. Some veterinarians recommend rotating oils, as some animals may develop sensitivities and allergies to Fish oils, especially if given daily, over long periods of time. It is always best to provide as much variety as possible when giving your pets supplements and treats, to ensure your pet is getting as much nutritional support as possible.

Alternating coconut oil with fish oils will provide your pet with the best possible variety, as well as adding coconut chips to his repertoire of treats.

Talk to your holistic veterinarian about incorporating virgin coconut oil in your pets diet.

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