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Note: Below are letters and emails that we have received from CocoTherapy users. They might not be typical and results may vary from animal to animal. These products are not intended to treat any disease nor are these statements intended to imply any therapeutic effects. Coconut oil or coconut chips should never be used as a substitute for any drugs or treatment prescribed by your veterinarian. Always work closely with your holistic vet when adding a new supplements or treats to your pet's diet.

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I have to admit, I did go to Costco to purchase their Kirkland Coconut Oil because the bottles are bigger and they're cheaper. But after a couple of days, I noticed a BIG difference in quality. When I scooped some out with a spoon, it was MUCH harder to get out. And once I put it in the dogs food, it was too hard to mix in so I left it in a big chunk. The dogs ate around the coconut oil and saved it for last OR they didn't eat it at all. The dogs normally like to lick the coconut oil right out of the container, but with the Kirkland Coconut Oil, they wouldn't! Because of this, I knew there was a difference in quality. It wasn't the same!

After a couple of days I came back to CocoTherapy. The dogs began licking it out of the jar again and ate it in the food with no problem, chunks or mixed in. I will never buy another brand again and will continue to vouch for CocoTherapy!

Here's a photo of BOTH Banks and Harrison! I got a new jar today and Banks was ready to get in it!

Keshia Trevino

Keshia Trevino, Banks and Harrison

I discovered your product line a few months ago and gave it a try with my young German Shepherd with skin allergies! He loved the chips and the cocoanut oil that I added to his food. Even I feel helped clear up his dry flaky skin.

April Shepherd
Manager @ The Studio

Just received the macaroons (Maggie's Macaroons) and the dogs went CRAZY...they are still looking if someone left anything behind lol. Now I just wish you offered them in a jumbo size bags!

Marie N.
Pet Cuisine

My standard poodle has been having IBS issues because of the cyclosporine that he is taking. After taking the coconut chips, his stool has hardened and he seems to be able to tolerate a wider variety of foods. Now I give the chips to my cat and my other dogs. They love it!!!!

Josephine Esquivel Upshaw



I purchased Spectrum brand organic Coconut Oil from WHOLEFOODS Market before finding 100% all natural & organic virgin Coconut Oil from COCOTHERAPY.

I used Spectrum for cooking and frying, in particular eggs, vegetables, added it to hot cereals like oatmeal. The product was fine but tasteless, the color was pale and the texture was mealy.

Then I found COCOTHERAPY Coconut Oil. What a find! This product was excellent, bright white color, smooth texture, and the flavor, while not over powering, was bountiful. I used it to sauté, pan fry, and melt in hot cereals. It added such a smooth sweet taste to everything. I spread it on toast with almond butter and jams and jellies that was a feast to my taste buds. I would recommend COCOTHERAPY 100% All Natural Organic Virgin Coconut Oil to everyone.

Bob Nicastro, avid coconut oil user from New Jersey!

Hi I wanted to write this and Thank You for the Coconut Chips product. It has been a big, big help. I have a 5 year old Boxer who started his life with chronic diarehia.After trying a lot of things and finding some foods that work and help at least to form his stool, but still soft I tried the coconut chips and he has very close to normal stool. Unbelievable after all this time. I pray things continue. Please keep this product coming!!!!!! Thank You again.


For quite some time now I have been purchasing your products - my dogs LOVE them!!

Thank you for giving us a product for our dogs that we can feel safe about!!

Deborah Austin

My dogs love the Coconut Chips!! They love them as treats and sprinkled on top of their food, which I do twice a day for them! Thanks for the great product!

Lisa Kozak

A good friend of mine told me about Coco chips.  I own three special needs dogs (digestive issues,  brain tumor/arthritis and skin allergies) and foster many other animals.

I have put all three of my dogs on the Coco chips since they were recommended by Amy Mitchell with Fuzzy Pawz Rescue.  What a difference!  My boy with digestive issues is doing so much better.  My girl with the skin issues (who happens to be allergic to fish) is no longer itching, and my old man with the brain tumor/arthritis is more active and seems to be feeling much better.

I have attached a picture of my Harley, Jess and Elly May. Thank you for providing such a wonderful product.  I am also talking to my vet who is holistic about the wonderful benefits I have seen.

Carol Smith
Animal Control/Foster mom

Trixie Mae

Hannah is a 9 1/2 retired Seeing Eye guide dog. She had a bald spot on her back, and NO one expected Hannah's hair to grow back. Her hair loss started last winter. This is a progression from before Hannah started using CocoTherapy to 6 weeks after. Her patch is now (8 weeks from start) totally grown in. Her dry nose is now moist. Her coat looks amazing! Thank you!

Eithne Kelly

Hannah picture
Hannah - Picture 1

Hannah - Picture 1
Hannah - Picture 2

Hannah - Picture 4

OMG! Wow this stuff is fantastic! My dogs usually eat a few pieces of food and walk away. Sometimes they don't eat at all. They get Blue Buffalo dry food "the best"! I got the CocoTherapy Oil, put a fourth tsp. melted, and drizzled it over the food, and they went crazy! They were pushing each other away from the bowls, to get to the food. All three of them ate every last morsel! Unbelievable! Most products I try just never are as good as they are advertised! This far surpassed my expectations! Cotton, Coco, and Belle say "thanks"!

Nora L. Kimball

Hi, my name is Allison. I'm a recent buyer of your Coconut Oil supplement, and soon-to-be buyer of your Coconut Chip Treats. I started using the Coconut Oil on my German Shepherd, Blue, a few weeks ago and I've already seen some amazing results. He was very itchy, he she alot, and his coat lacked shine. Now he looks and feels 100% better. Not only did it solve his skin/coat issues, he is so much healthier now. It transformed him from the inside out! The results are amazing and he loves the taste. Definitely going to continue to add this to his diet.

We actually loved it so much, we posted the oil and pictures of the results on his Instagram account, and everyone is asking where is came from, how they can buy it, so I posted your website. I was just wondering if you thought about making an Instagram account for advertising. I posted it on mine, and it's been a HUGE hit!

Thank you,

This is Blue's coat after a couple
weeks of using CocoTherapy!
Another of Blue after being on Cocotherapy!

We got our little cocotherapy stars today in the banana coconut flavor.  Thank you so much.  You got them here so fast!!!

Needless to say, they passed the taste test with flying colors!  Both dogs ate them and their eyes lit up for more, which they got. These are perfect for my miniature poodle, who is still a puppy and enrolled in obedience class now.  We need a tiny training treat that really motivates him and is easy to give quickly during class. I think the stars are just perfect for this, too!

Thanks again for all of your amazing products and your incredible company. I am VERY picky about what my dogs eat, and your products are such a relief for me. They make the grade on every level, and so does your company in terms of ethics and caring. 

Thank you again,
Laura Rothbaum-Garmizo

p.s. Since beginning the coconut oil just two weeks ago, we are noticing a difference in Humphrey's coat.  It is thicker and shinier, and, he has more energy to zoom around the house with his little brother. He is also scratching less.

My 12 yr old Poodle Trixie Mae has health issues one of which is Cushing's Disease. Her liver, kidney etc levels are always off and high. But this week we brought her to Banfield to get her Comprehensive exam and labs etc. well about 4.5 months back we started using coconut oil as prescribed in her food 2x day. To our Drs. surprise for the first time in 2 YRS. Trixie's levels were not high matter of fact they were the lowest they had seen then in 4 yrs.

I told them what I was doing and they were all for it. Now she has been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism but we will continue the coconut oil. Honestly we have No Intentions of Stopping, Thank you for helping my best friend to live the remainder of her life just that much healthier... you are earthly angels. .

Audrey Wilmot and Trixie Mae

Trixie Mae

My 12 year old yorkie, born with a heart defect and developing renal issues in his old age, loves your coconut chips! He was not eating well but now he has become a healthy eater again. And my chihuahua and pug are being weaned off allergy meds! Thanks for a superior product that is easy to give!

Brenda Bitgood Bolanis

In December 2011, my Golden Retriever was outside playing and cut the bottom of her paw. I was not aware of this until she began licking to heal what had already become infected. I took her to the veterinarian and they began her on a 28 day course of antibiotics. I cared for the paw by soaking it in epsom salts 2-3 times a day and applying antibiotic cream and a clean dressing. When the course of antibiotic was complete, we still had an infected paw. She was again put on a 14 day course of medication. At that point, I was not seeing any response from the antibiotic so I consulted our veterinarian. They decided to take a culture of the area. It came back as MRSA. I was panicked. My option was one, to put her on the only known dose of antibiotic that would treat the infection. I was warned that this could be deadly. I refused the treatment.

I stopped in at Natural Pet Essentials, and I am sure glad I did. The knowledge that Kim had was incredible. She asked me to try Coconut Oil, since it is known to heal. I thought about it for all of one second and knew a natural remedy would be great if it would actually work. Let me just say, "it worked." I was amazed in as little as 3-4 days that her paw was looking much better and beginning to heal. The veterinarian was amazed also. I am now a permanent user of Coconut Oil and Coconut Chips for both of our dogs. Rylee, my Golden Retriever, is now a healthy and very happy 3 year old Golden with a lot of spunk and willingness to play. If I had continued down the path of conventional veterinary medicine, I don't know if I would have my beautiful girl today. I am not saying that veterinary care is not good or important, I am just advising those with pets to look into other natural sources before giving in to medicine.

Owner of Natural Pet Essentials
Submitted by her customer, Rylee's mom

I use this on my Am Staff Bull Terrier... she has some sensitive skin issues. I love it and so does she.... whatever is left over from being massaged in gets a very happy lickin' from her. GREAT product and I have told many animal owners about it.... and will continue to!!

Jamie Kahline-Conn

Today I gave my cat another coconut oil (organic, that I use for cooking). She snubbed it. Then I gave her CocoTherapy and it was licked off my hand immediately. When Molly wants something she bangs the kitchen cabinet door till I come into the kitchen. As soon as I reach for CocoTherapy she's on the counter meowing and rubbing against my hand with the jar in it. Side note: I take 1 teaspoon coconut oil before meals for digestion and weight loss - I too prefer your brand over others - - it really does taste better. Thank you!

Sandy Ronecker

My name is Buddy...and I am a CocoTherapy Coconut Oil addict! Now, if only we could keep him from licking his feet so that his paw pad's continue healing….but, seriously, the oil quickly worked wonders on peeling paw pads that resulted from running in the pool at doggie daycare and saved us the expense of a vet visit for this foster dog. He just sees the jar, and comes running to get a spoonful while I apply it to his paws.

Nicole Fiori
Houston, Texas

CocoTherapy has done wonders for our 2 year old black & tan Coonhound Ellie-Mae! Her coat is absolutely stunning. Her digestion is so much improved it's perfect! She has not had an ear infection in over a year since we started her on CocoTherapy. We recommend CocoTherapy to all of our friends. It is our dogs absolute favorite. She runs to the cabinet where her jar is every night and goes wild over her favorite, nutritious treat!

Nicolette May Capuano

I have 5 Yorkies that range in age and size. Coconut oil works wonders for each one in different ways. I have older ones that I adopted late in their lives that are missing teeth and they can still eat the coconut oil in a solid form as a treat, and I feel good about giving them something that will benefit them and tastes great. One of my other babies came to me at the age of 7 and was very stinky. Even after we bathed her we would notice an odor.

After starting her on CocoTherapy she smells normal! I know you must hear about allergy relief all of the time but my 5 year old Yorkie is golden/apricot color and suffers from food and seasonal allergies, the food I can control but she still needs a treat that won't make her itch and I love that CocoTherapy helps so much with air born and outdoor allergens that I don't have to have her on medicine! Thanks CocoTherapy!

Meg Tisdale

I put CocoTherapy on Pedro's paws as he has had issues before with cracking. Since we have been using it - no more cracks! His coat is also more shiny!

Gigi Marie

Since giving CocoTherapy, the differences I've seen in my dogs are less itching, more energy, weight loss, and shinier coats.

Liza Penalosa Kinsella

CocoTherapy is great for my foster dogs and my own rescue dogs! CocoTherapy keeps my dogs skin healthy and very coat shiny! And the best part... they LOVE the taste! :)

Erica Schisler

I have been using CocoTherapy on my Irish setter, Rory, for three months now. His coat is gorgeous and we have fewer days where he gets belly rumbles. We never had an energy problem. :) But I do see and improvement in his coat.

Kathy Kiley

I have started my Italian Greyhound on the oil for about one month. Her coat is improving every day and she no longer has flaky skin. She absolutely LOVES her daily Coco treat. :)

Erica Kremer

My basset hound has the worst allergies from food, seasons, and who knows what else! They cause her to get runny eyes, hot spots, dull, dry hair, and the worst is the nonstop itching. I begged my mom to just try CocoTherapy Coconut Oil because all other home remedies were not working. Not only does Rosie love it and talk for it during dinner time, but she has made major improvements. Her eyes don't constantly run, her hot spots haven't come back since the fall, and it has helped her itching! She loves to get oil massages and will just sleep and turn on her back so I don't miss a spot! She seems to know it helps her! If we miss a day or two you can definitely tell because her eyes get worse and the itching never stops!

CocoTherapy Coconut Oil has helped calm down the irritation due to allergies and gives this 9 year old more time to play and run without itching!

Alison Trembacki

I use both the Coco Therapy coconut chips and the oil for my 2 senior Cockers. The chips are a treat, and I add the solid oil to their morning meals. Not only do they love the taste, I've noticed more energy and fewer hotspots! I sometimes use the oil instead of butter on my toast too. Love the taste! And both products smell heavenly.

Nancy Inelay

I just started my Greyhound on CocoTherapy at the weekend. Living in the prairies, her skin is always dry, flaky and itchy. After less than a week on CocoTherapy, and not yet up to the full recommended dose for her weight, I am already noticing that she seems to be scratching and licking a little bit less every day.

Katie Jackson

We use CocoTherapy chips with our four Long-haired Chihuahuas. Their coats are gloriously shiny and their skin is super healthy. We haven't had any problems with runny eyes since we have been using it. The dogs love the chips so much they spin in circles when it is time to have them.

Kelli Giles

My cat Zoey had dry skin and the coconut oil seems to put the oils back in her skin, not to mention not too many hairballs being puked up anymore.

Shirley Prenata

I use it to clean Digby's ears and since using it a very stubborn ear infection is clearing up beautifully. He also eats it with his meals. He has allergies, skin issues and diabetes and I think it is good for all these things. And he loves it. The Coconut Chips are great too as he needs extra fiber and these are a great source. Wish I had discovered it long ago.

Mary Jane McEwen

The coconut oil is their after breakfast favorite treat! They come looking for the jar, and eagerly wag their little tails when the jar emerges from the drawer! They can't get enough!

Patricia Nolan

We bought our first jar on Monday. With a cocker spaniel I thought it would be worthwhile to try for ear infection prevention and being black to keep his coat shiny. I like the idea that it has a long shelf life. Makes me think when you buy fish oils how effective are they really if they have been sitting on a store shelf for quite a while. I like the idea I can put it in smoothies and mine and his skin. Mosquitoes gravitate to me, so excited to see how it will work on bug bites. I did some research on the internet, read the reviews and I have no reason to not try it. And so far so good, he is a picky spaniel and ate it right away and the kitty went insane when I opened the jar for the first time.

Odie Baker

Odi'e second review:
We made it through week 1 of CocoTherapy in a jar (gave it to him every other day to get his system used to it), and Odie still loves the taste (he is a very picky eater) and I have to wrestle the jar away from him cause he went wants to stick his tongue in it lol So far I have definitely noticed he has barely licked his feet all week. Can't wait to see what week 2 brings.

My late Rusty absolutely LOVED Cocotherapy. After he got so sick with the brain tumor especially, it seemed to liven him up and give him more energy. Molly loves Cocotherapy because it's great for her allergies and itchy skin. Plus I can hide her other supplements in it and she laps it right up : )

I have noticed a decrease in her itching and scratching and an increase in her energy level since giving her coconut.

Heather Collins

All 6 of my dogs love Cocotherapy cause it takes away their itchys and they love the way it tastes!! It is there all time favorite treat of the Day!!

Micci L. Plavan-Price

Kooper loves your Coconut Chips spindled on his dry kibble....and he gets so excited when I put your coconut oil in the palm of my hand to lick! He was severely under-nourished, with other health issues when I adopted him this past year....Now he is doing great...thank you!

Patricia A. Willis

Sydney is waiting for her first order of coconut oil and is very excited to help her immune system that the oil will help her with. She wants as much natural treats that she can get, she was just diagnoised with cancer and I will get her everything I can to help her with this disease!!!!

Phyllis Smith

I love the fact that it is a great antioxidant to help keep my pets healthy and their immune system strong. I dislike vaccines because of all the risks and side effects so anything that will boosts my dogs immune system and is natural is great!

Cassandra Godwin

Coco loves coconut! She eats it as a snacks and on her meal to help her skin problems! And it works!!!!

Christine Aiello

I love cocotherapy because I have finicky poms, I put a little on their food and they eat it right up. Great for Lexie who I rescued last year and her fur was falling out, now she is thriving.

Tammy Tracy Castonguay

Tammy's second review:
I give Calie and Lexie a little CocoTherapy on their Nutrident bones daily. Their fur is smoother and silkier than before. I yell out who wants there coconut today. They come running.

My name is Gabrielle Newell and I am a foster with a 501c3 Non-profit street dog rescue in San Antonio, TX and I wanted to start off by saying that I just recently purchased your product for a foster dog that I had that suffers from Primary Seborrhea. He was just recently adopted and I gave the adopters a small jar of the coconut oil for him to use topically and for his consumption. He really started to look good after using the product for only a month! I really love this product.

Gabrielle Newell

Hello!!! I wrote on here a few weeks ago asking advice on skin complaints as my Pug Coco had a bald patch that we had cleared once with medication, but I really didn't want to use that avenue again. Pippilotta Couture, in Germany where I purchased my CocoTherapy Oil from asked me how Coco was progressing...both me and Coco are that happy with CocoTherapy, we didn't even realize its been gone for weeks, totally cleared up, after about 2weeks of using it. I can't believe I ever gave her medication. Thank you so much its amazing. So does anyone have any treat ideas? Recipes? I'd like to get more creative with Cocotherapy, xxx.

Chelsea Mansell

My parents have 3 rat terriers and one has had a terrible skin condition for a few years. They have taken him to the vet many times and tried every lotion and potion but nothing worked until now! I gave them a jar of CocoTherapy and all 3 dogs eat it right off the spoon. Its only been 3 weeks and mother says he has not been scratching NEARLY as much as he used to. I use it in my protein shakes and love it on toast with some Stevia and tons on Cinnamon. I have tried MANY other coconut oils and theirs tastes the best! I put it on my lips, hands and face before I go to sleep. I'm so glad CocoTherapy is educating us on the AWESOME healing properties of coconut oil. Thanks!!

Joan Champiomont

Think Missy likes the coconut oil? She gets a belly rub, toe(s) rub every night (after she is brushed) before she goes to bed. She has stopped scratching, the allergies are controlled 99.9%. You can see the joy in her eyes when I set the coconut oil on the bed, she immediately jumps on the bed and says "hurry, brush me, need my therapy!" We have a great time, she will twist & turn to get to my fingers & hands as I rub her. I let the oil melt in one hand, rub together, she has fun going from one hand to the other.

I shudder to think of all the different medicines, the cost and the trauma I put her through this past spring & summer trying to get her some relief. I HIGHLY recommend coconut therapy for flea allergies, any allergy, scratches for our "children". I am spreading the word about this wonderful treat! Thank you and a Happy New Year!!

Linda Burrell

Well my dog had a stomach issue when he was about 7 months old and I nearly lost him. The vet put him in a strict diet and giving him treats is nearly impossible because he cant have anything out in the market. Then I learned about Coco Therapy and he didnt throw up and didnt harm him at all. I think it was like Rambo's love from the begining. Now he has treats and loves eating the chips and I mix the oil with his food and eats a lot of it. I can see the differance in his coat and I love this product. I gave some to my neighbors dog and he has itchy skin and its gotten better since he has been using the oil. Love Cynthia and Rambo...peanut too

Cynthia Armas

I just had to write and tell you how much we love CocoTherapy. I have four Yorkies and they've always had allergies and itchy skin. We've tried several medications but nothing has worked like CocoTherapy coconut oil. They are completely off medication now and their skin and coats look wonderful! One of the girls (Abby) has a sensitive tummy and always has to strain to do her business. One of the other girls (Houdina) has loose stools off and on. I read on the CocoTherapy web site that the coconut chips aid in digestion and started giving my pups the chips a couple of times each day along with coconut oil at dinner and they are doing great. They know where I keep the chips and all four of them line up for treats at least 3 times a day.

What a difference - no more straining and no more upset tummies. Thank you for providing such wonderful products for our precious babies. Love, Gina, Abbycadabra, Merlin, Houdina and Tinkerbell.

Gina Hart
Tulsa, OK

Gina's second review:
We've seen many wonderful changes since we started using CocoTherapy Oil and Coconut Chips. Shinier coats, weight loss - this works for us because they love the oil and chips and think they are "treats". I use it on their paws and no more dry, cracked paw pads! And last but definitely not least -- no more straining for their poopies! We lovingly call it CocoMagic around our house.

I just bought the CoCoTherapy and coconut chips and my dogs are loving it. First, the taste. WOW!!! They have licked their bowls for the first time in so long!!!! It was a challenge to get them to eat their food without some doctoring. Now I am betting that Yogi's hot spots will get better as well as his ears. I'll write in again. Thanks for a FABULOUS product. Oh, I am munching a bit on the coconut flakes... yummy!!! - Cheryl Kilberg Solomon, Chicago, IL, Customer

Cheryl Kilberg Solomon
Chicago, IL


Cheryl's second review:
I'm here to tell you that CoCoTherapy has saved my knees! Aside from my dogs going crazy for their evening spooning of Coco Therapy, I've been taking a tablespoon every night since July 11th. Since that date, I have never had to take an anti-inflammatory pill or pain pill. Nothing has changed in my day to day except the taking of CoCo Therapy. It's a miracle anti-inflammatory and I've not felt this good in 10 years since I had knee problems. The product has been a lifesaver and no knee surgery for me!!!

Coco Chips - we LOVE it.

I have never experienced such an amazing product! I have a 17 year old pug, a 4 year old cairn terrier and a year old yorkie and all 3 of my dogs went crazy over this product. They think it is a treat and when they see the bag - they all do their happy dances. My husband even wanted to try it! Thank you for making this wonderful product. There is nothing else out there that I can give to 3 distinctly different animals and they are all reaping the benefits from it. I am definitely going to be a long time fan.

Sincerely, Layne Thompson-Payne
Middletown, DE


Carmina and Charisa, I can't thank you enough for this..although it's only been two weeks I can see a difference in Izzy who has pancreatitis/SIBO and IBD. I was aware of your product a while back but so nervous about trying it but then found out there was coconut oil in the Purina EN I had to have Izzy on for a while. Now that she is off that and on to homecooked I have been giving her and Cosmo (my Biewer) this and they love, love it and so far I have not seen any reaction from Izzy. I have seen more energy in her and her appetite is so much better. Thank you and I hope to see more improvement in her. They lick it right off the Oh and I don't hear her tummy rumbles as much since using this daily. :-)

Cyndi Adzema


Beyond Impressed. My female English bulldog has scabbed and crusty inside ear folds. I read on Facebook on a bulldog rescue that people had great results using this product so I ordered some on Monday 10/31 and by Wednesday 11/3 it had arrived in the mail. After two applications her ears are completely healed up. A new faithful user of this product I will happily spread the word. In the past this would have taken expensive medication to clear up and a week or more time including a vet bill.

Wendi Renzhofer Roth!

Wendi's second review:
I absolutely love this stuff and use it on my female Bulldogs ears. Ever since finding this product she no longer gets ear infections or died crusty ear folds. I have even went as far putting it on my hands which use to get dried out every winter and crack and peel. I am pleased to say my hands are dry no more.

I have a very allergy prone Pitbull who has always had coarse fur and been very dry, since giving her coco therapy for only a couple of weeks twice a day in her food her coat not only looks and feels better but she eats every last drop of her food which was always a challenge, since she can only eat certain foods which she thinks taste awful. She licks her bowl from the kitchen to the bedroom trying to get every last drop! I am so happy I found coco therapy!!!

Jodie Tonkin

We're hooked on CocoTherapy! Just a few weeks ago, I purchased both the oil and the chips. Within a week, I saw a difference in my dogs' coats, skin hydration and a decrease in their itching due to allergies. They get a little each day and they LOVE it. They think they're getting a treat! I'm a believer! Thank you for this product!

Holly Hafner

Chloe Sage - Before CocoTherapy, she had red, itchy irritation around her eyes
After CocoTherapy, the redness and inflammation went away, and her hair grew back!

I too have been giving CocoTherapy oil and chips to my dogs, Pebbles and Daisy. They used to have this funky odor, not really stinky, but a really distinct smell. I kinda like it, because I'm so used to it, but my friends and family think the dogs just stink. It's not just their breath or ears, but just an over all smell from their skin, and also their feet, almost like a "cheesy" smell, kinda like doritos.

Since I started giving them the oil and chips, the odor has disapeared. My husband thinks I'm bathing them more, but I'm not, they just lost that funky smell. This stuff really works!!! Pebbles, Daisy and I give it 10 paws up!!! I highly recommend CocoTherapy to every dog out there!

Jennifer McIntyre

My company Motto Agency had the pleasure of creating the brand for CocoTherapy. More importantly though, we design for products we believe in and stand behind. When Carmina and Charisa sent us the CocoTherapy products to try on our furry babies, they absolutely LOVED them. I have a red Doberman and their skin can be problematic - his skin is very dry. After keeping him on the Coconut oil for several weeks, his coat is absolutely beautiful. When I take him to PetSmart people stop and tell me what a beautiful dog he is and that his coat is gorgeous! The Motto family consists of four dogs and a cat. All of them love CocoTherapy products and we feel good knowing the quality, care and attention to detail that Carmina and Charisa have put into the products. We simply cannot say enough wonderful things about the ladies behind it all and the product itself. We give our best recommendation!

Sunny Bonnell

All four of my furkids (Three Yorkies and One Chihuahua mix) just adore the treats and oil! As a special dessert, I melt a bit of oil and drizzle it over tiny slices of banana. They go wild! I have even seen a difference in their breath and their coats since starting them on this! We heart CocoTherapy!

Molly Lautzenheiser

Molly & Brody go crazy over the Coconut oil and the Coconut chips, they absolutely love them and I have noticed their coats are more soft & shiny! Thank you for making such a fantastic product for the health of our beloved pets!!! CocoTherapy is the BOMB!!!

Sandra Bianco

My Old English Sheepdogs love the coconut oil and chips. If they hear me pick up the bag of chips, they come running! I put some of the coconut oil around my cuticles during the freezing weather we had. It's terrific on dry areas!

Liz Davis

We have three cats...the two youngest ones go crazy for the chips! When we open up the container we store the chips in, they come RUNNING from wherever they are in the house! The older one loves the oil...we've noticed a big change in his coat since he started taking it. Thanks for such a great product!

Jim Jones

I have 2 yorkie girls (the older one is picky & my lil one will eat anything & everything!!) with my older one having food sensitivities & hypothyroidism, the coconut oil really helps with her digestion & both of my girls #2 is nice & "dainty", when including this in their diet! haha. ;) My girls BOTH gooo CRAZY for coconut chips!!! they KNOW when i bust out that bag & say the word.. they get SUPER excited!! :)

I completely trust Cocotherapy and am very proud to say that i am a customer for life! :) knowing how many positive things are coming out of me giving them these yummy coconut treats is the best! ?

Meg Maldonado

My two dogs are very picky about what they eat. They will turn their nose up to steak and they only like a certain treat. I read about Coco Therapy on line and saw an article in a dog magazine. I bought a bag for them. They go nuts over them, if I leave the bag visiable they will sit and whine until they get the chips.

In fact, we cannot say the word "chip", without them running into the kitchen tails waggin which is hard since my husband's name is Chip. They just love them and I so glad that it is healthy and I have noticed that they are not chewing on their paws and scratching as much. I am going to get the oil the next time I go. Thank you so much for a great product.

Nancy Wilkinson

My pets can't get enough of CocoTherapy oil and chips. They come running whenever they hear the familiar sounds of the packaging being opened in the kitchen. The great thing is that ever since they've been taking CocoTherapy I've noticed how shiny their coats have become, and even my dog's breath has gotten better. I definitely recommend the oil and chips--they taste good--not bland or greasy, bleh--are healthy, and have made a difference in the lives of our pets (2 cats + 1 dog).

Chris King
Austin, TX

I can not say enough good things about CocoTherapy! All 5 of my dogs LOVE it! My three little chihuahuas can not get ENOUGH of the coconut chips! All i have to say is "Coconuts" to get their attention. It is nice to have a treat that is soooo healthy for them! The oil is fantastic! My girls coats are soooo shiny since they have started with CocoTherapy products :) Thanks for producing such wonderful healthy products.

Amy Burnham Balabuszko
Skokie, IL

I sell your coconut oil in my store and started giving it to my dog around Christmas time. She is a 6 year old mixed breed and has ALWAYS had terrible allergies in the spring and summer. She would rub her face on the carpet, sofa, anything available so much that she would rub the hair off around her eyes so bad she had to be put on anti-biotics and Benadryl. Attached are before (at it's worst) and most recent pix.

This is the FIRST spring that she hasn't had any sign of allergies or itching and I honestly believe its the coconut oil. I haven't changed anything in her diet (I make her food) except the oil.

Just wanted to THANK YOU so much. I love your product and my customers do too!! Thanks again.

Penny Milligan
The Hungry Hound
94 West Main St
Somerville NJ
08876 908 927 9663

I give my yorkies coconut oil every night with their evening meal. I also give them the coconut chips as treats and sometimes sprinkle them on their food. They love them!! I love knowing that there are so many benefits to including coconut oil in their diet. I also really like the coconut chips and snack on them myself sometimes.

Michele Shute

I am writing to tell you how much my dog loves your product. I tried them just by chance at a pet boutique. My dog doesn't like many treats and she absolutely loves the Coconut Chips. Her fur is soft and shiny and her bowel movements are regular. She has lots of allergies and scratches a lot. Sometimes so much that she get red welts on her fragile skin. Ever since I've been feeding her the Coconut Chips I haven't seen any itching.

Thank you,
Jill Ventimiglia
Los Angeles, CA

We love this line of products because they are hypoallergenic and universally accepted by dogs, cats, birds and small mammals, not to mention exceptionally beneficial for the body. It's hard to find a product line that can say that!

Dr. Karen Becker
Integrative Veterinarian &
Naturopathic Medical Doctor

Natural Pet Animal Hospital

Our 13 year old lab has made a huge turnaround since we started him on CocoTherapy in December. He had a really bad smell and ears were not healthy. Now, he smells good, his breath is good, his ears are great and we can tell he has more energy. We are so happy with his progress. This is the only thing we have changed so it really works.

Susan Suggs
Paws Around Town in Oklahoma City

PuttiePie,our six year old maltese, is in LOVE with Coco Therapy! Coco Therapy helped PuttiePie lose weight and maintain her weight as she has hypothyroidsim!! Coco Therapy has made a world of difference for us!!! PuttiePie begs for her Coco Therapy !!! Highly recommended!!

Nanci Potash

So excited -- Dolce, Coco & Armani love CocoTherapy! Received our package today with CocoTherapy oil and chips in it and the dogs were super excited and loved it! Thank you!

Melissa Trajano-Williams

I just started using this on my foster dog and my dogs and myself tee hee hee. They love it and so do I. Thank you! my foster dog has hairloss and skin problems from flea allergies and this product has helped her a lot. Shes getting hair back and its only been a little over a week that I started using it on her. I rub it on her and give her a tsp. a day orally. I rub it on my face and arms and hands. Awesome product!

Kim Neubauer Runner

My 8 year-old English Bulldog has pretty severe allergies and gets these "interdigital cysts" on occassion. She has taken a weekly shot concocted by her veterinarian dermatologist for four years. After reading so much about Coco Therapy on this site, I put her on that 4 months ago. Last month, I took her off the shots. We have had a terrible pollen season this year in SE Texas, yet she has done fine on 2 Tablespoons of Coco Therapy oil per day--and no interdigital cysts.

Jay Kirsch
Barker Street Gourmet Dog Bakery and Boutique
The Woodlands, TX

My CocoTherapy Coconut Chips arrived today. I must thank you for turning my four Chis into paranas!! Jaws a snapping and everything. They couldn't get enough of these chips. My Chis inhailed them! We love this awesome organic treat!

If you're looking for an all natural/organic treat for your pets. Don't look any further, you have found it here with CocoTherapy Oil and their Coconut Chips. I have 5 Chihuahaus and they just love the product. It isn't a struggle to give it to them. I sprinkle the chips on their food and they often knock their food out of the bowl to get to the chips first. Three of my babies have lost 1 lb so far on this amazing healthy treat. We all should be more intuned to the wellbeing of our pets for a longer, healthier life for them. They give us so much and we can do our part in purchasing these product to enrich their lives. It is our duty as pet owners.

Tammie Malkow-Dunham

Hi Coco Therapy! I know you are aware of the MANY, MANY benefits of coconut oil but as a bulldog owner, you should put a shout out about how great coconut oil can be when it is rubbed directly onto to dogs with areas being affected by seasonal flank alopecia. Know a lot of bulldog owners who have had great success with this!

Josh N Kim Matsko

I wanted to write to you to let you know that your Coconut Chips and oil are fantastic! I started a small business in January of this year “Three Black Dogs Barkery” (all natural and organic dog treats). My dogs have loved the chips and oil since I first found your product about a year and a half ago, so I decided I would try your products in and on my treats. The coconut chips especially are a winner!

Thank you for such for such a great product and addition to our treats.

Lynn Van Oudenaren, Owner
Three Black Dogs Barkery
Murphy, NC

I have been using this product for a month now. My dog Lacey is no longer chewing her paws her coat is so soft and so are my hands! I am buying 2 jars tomorrow one for a friend who is sick of me raving about this stuff. Thanks for a great product!!

Sharene Novak Bloss

I LOVE CocoTherapy! I heard about it from my mom who is a "crazy cat lady" as she has 8 cats. She was tired of stepping in hairballs all day long, but didn't want to give her cats the hairball formula cat food from the vet, because of the by-products, grain and chemicals in the food. She's been giving her cats both the oil and the coco chips for a few months, and since then, her cats have not barfed up hairballs in months!

She has been singing praises to CocoTherapy and telling everyone who has cats about it, so much so, that I decided to try it for my cat (and my dog too). My cat's black and used to have white "dandruff" flakes on her skin and fur. Now the flakes are gone, and her fur shines like silk and feels like mink! My cat wasn't crazy about the chips, but I sprinkled it in her food, mixed with some water. Since eating the chips, she hasn't barfed a hairball in over 5 months! My dog loves the oil and chips too, he goes crazy for them. So glad my mom told me about your products! I recommend that every cat and dog owner out there add these to their pet's diet, it's amazing, and they love the taste! p.s. my mom would write a fantastic testimonial but she's not on fb! :) She told me she was going to call the company to thank them and rave about it, so beware! LOL!

Mary Stevenson

One of my dogs, Caviar, has IBD and colitis and CT oil and chips has really helped her. She used to vomit almost very day, and on top of that, had bloody stool with mucus. Sorry for being graphic but that's colitis for you. I thought my poor baby would have a life full of vet visits, antibiotics, flagyl, etc...On top of that she was stuck on a diet of Hills Science Diet W/D. If I took her off it, she had instant colitis. The SD W/D and flagyl helped a little with her colitis, but her IBD was getting worse. It was horrible. I cried every night. I finally went to a holistic vet, and learned about coconut oil.

I started giving her CocoTherapy coconut oil and chips with her meals. Now she is weaned off SD W/D (which is disgusting, BTW). I'm holding my breath, she has not had a bout of diarrhea or vomitting in months. No more frequent trips to the vet, or antibiotics. And no more bloody poop with slime or vomitting. I'm so thrilled. I can't stop giving it to her now, I'm scared if I stop it will come back. If I even skip giving her the coconut chips in her food for one day, her stool goes soft immediately. CT has saved her life! My other dog Champaigne also loves the coconut oil and chips. I have never seen them so healthy, happy and playful. Just amazing how these have changed their lives! I don't know how I ever managed without it. It will always be part of all my pets diet from now on. I urge all you people with pets, with health issues or not, ADD CocoTherapy to your pets diet, either as a supplement or treat, it's the best thing you can do for them.

Lisa Harris

My two yorkies LOVE CocoTherapy! They go crazy for the coconut chips alone or sprinkled on their food, and they love to lick the oil out of my hand (extra bonus - because it moisturizes the dry skin on my hands too). I must say I love their coconut breath, especially since they used to primarily get salmon oil. The fish breath was not as pleasant for sure. I have noticed my girls both have much shinier coats with the switch too. I love I have found something my girls love that is also so good for them. We definitely give CocoTherapy 5 stars!

Ashley Davis

Both my babies take virgin coconut oil at its purest . . I add this to their main meal daily so it is a bit tedious as I have to make sure the spoon is clean before dipping into the oil . . .now that it is all gone, I have switched to coco chips and it is just so convenient . .a few srpinkles on their main meal and they get the greatest nutrients at such a convenient way . . .I love it . . .highly recommend this

Desiree Mendoza

My dog is white and had terrible red tear stains on the corners of her eyes, that went beyond her cheeks. I was afraid to try Angel Eyes because I heard it contained antibiotics. My vet recommended that I give her CocoTherapy coconut oil, as it has anti-fungal, anti-bacteria, anti-virus and anti-yeast properties. I'm thrilled because not only has the red stains on her eyes cleared up, the red stains on her paws, from her chewing them have cleared up tool!! Thank you CocoTherapy! Your products are a miracle! I'm a fan for life!

Kris O'Neil

I have been using the CocoTherapy coconut oil for a few weeks now but I can already see a difference in my dog. He has allergies and scratches alot, and was miserable this past Summer. I give him 1-2 tsp a day, 2x a day, and he has stopped scratching and chewing his feet. I mix it with his food, although I don't have because he would eat it right out of the jar if he could. I was skeptical at first, but now I am a believer. Thank you for this product, I would recommend this product to anyone who has a dog who constantly scratches and chews himself. I also give him the coconut chips for treats, he adores it.

Gordon Shuller

Manny has greatly benefited from taking CocoTherapy daily. After just 3 weeks of taking the oil and chips, the bald spots on his chest and leg are starting to fill in with fur.

Now his leg hair has completely grown back! We had given up hope and had accepted the fact that we would have a dog with bald patches... and then we saw the CocoTherapy working it's magic on his legs. His legs started out with sparse hairs here and there... and then after three weeks it started to look like it was filling in... and now he's back to his full leg hair. His chest hair is still growing in. It's taking longer than the rest because it's where his hair loss had begun first. But I definitely see progress! And he has stopped nibbling at himself and itching at himself. I truly think it's because of CocoTherapy!

The doggies all got to share the CocoTherapy treats. They all LOVED them. They gobble the coconut treats. I never would have guessed that dogs would like coconuts so much. Even our kitty, Murphy, liked them too!!! They are also very good for them! Thank you!!!!!

Nikki Figular

Look at Manny's missing leg hair on this photo taken January 6th. We have been giving the dogs a teaspoon of coconut oil every day since then.

Here's Manny today, January 28th. You can see the fur is starting to fill in. You can see the gray fur with black spots growing back in where his leg had a bald patch of skin at the beginning of the month. CocoTherapy is a miracle product!!

My two Maltese absolutely love Coco Therapy Coconut Oil and Chips. Maggie and Abbie used to be picky eaters, but not since I started adding Coco Therapy to their food. Now Maggie and Abbie lick their food bowls clean. My girls can't get enough of Coco Therapy's chips and oil. I have noticed that both Maggie and Abbie never have doggie breath at all ever since I started adding Coco Therapy to their diets. They have the sweetest smelling coconut breath and kisses now. My fiance and I love it. Plus Coco Therapy has so many health benefits making it a healthy supplement and treat that I can give Maggie and Abbie without any worry. I would recommend Coco Therapy Coconut Oil and Chips to every pet owner. I even asked our local Woof Gang Bakery to please look into carrying Coco Therapy's products because they are so nutritious and my two love them so much. We give Coco Therapy five stars and two paws up! Thanks for creating and producing such an amazing supplement and treat for pets. Melissa, Maggie and Abbie.

Melissa Pawley-Lichter
Palm Beach, FL

Melissa's second review:
Since starting my girls on CocoTherapy, they are the healthiest they've ever been! Our number of Vet visits for little issues has greatly decrease! Maggie and Abbie are little CocoTherapy addicts, which makes their mommy very happy! I add CocoTherapy oil and chips to every meal as well as using the chips as treats! :)

So far, the coconut oil is helping tremendously! It really is amazing. In just two days there is such a big difference. It is working ten times faster than the other remedies I was trying and with much better results. I'm also using it in all three of the dogs' food and I rubbed it in-between the pads of their paws and on their eyelids and no more redness or itching!!!

Such a miracle product. Can't thank you guys enough for creating something that actually works.

Sarah Slowikowski
Ocala, Florida Customer


I'm a major Oscar Newman fan, my dog Zoe has been wearing Oscar Newman for a long time now! Last October, I bought this CocoTherapy oil and chips for her (she's an American Cocker Spaniel) because I've been having issues with on-off ear infections (as all cocker owners know). The store owner told me it would help her ears, so I thought, what the heck.

Well just this past weekend, I went to get more oil, because her ear condition has cleared up and they actually smell sweet now!! Poor dog has been on antibiotic drops on & off for so long, and this is the first time her ears have cleared! I even went to the website and read that it helped with fungal or bacterial infection, which was the cause of Zoe's ears. You have a double FAN for live.

Stephanie Brown
New York, NY

I just started using coconut oil for my dogs on the advice of a friend. I was a little skeptical but thought I'd give it a try. One of my boxers has the worst smelling breath I've ever smelled! We've tried treats, brushing, you name it...nothing worked.

After a little over a week of feeding coconut oil right from a spoon (they love it!), no more smelly breath!!! It's amazing! She's 6 years old now and a little white in the face. She's been slowing down lately too. Now she's up and playing while the other 3 are sleeping! Another of my boxers has very dirty ears. I could clean them every day and never keep up. Not to mention, it hurt her to have me clean them at times. Again, after about a week or so, not much in there to clean! I went a week without cleaning them too and they were wonderful and pain free! I love this stuff!!

Doreen Lamper Marsters

I started using organic virgin coconut oil with a foster dog that had recently been treated for sarcoptic mange, and yeast and bacterial infections. The transformation of her skin and coat was amazing! I also started feeding it to my fosters who came to rescue with lesions and hair loss from flea dermatitis.

After seeing the difference OVCO makes, I feed it on a regular basis to my resident dogs as well as my fosters. When my 6yo papillon/poodle mix had her last checkup, her vet was extremely complimentary about the condition of her coat. I'm thrilled that I can get this product locally!

Caryn Bennett Franson
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

After some research, I switched my dogs from a different *brand* to CocoTherapy coconut oil. Now that my dogs have tried CocoTherapy, they don't want to touch the other stuff I have! I can't believe it!

Randi Burns Adams
Los Angeles, CA

I bought the oil and chips for my dogs after I read the website. I was impressed and just had to try it, even though my dogs didn't really have any health problems. My dogs go batties for it! I didn't think my cat would like any of it, because she's very picky, but to my surprise, she LOVES the chips! She even sniffs the oil in my hands and takes little licks. At first she was hesitant, then it started to grow on her... now she actually comes running when she hears me open the jar. She used to have little sores/blisters around her mouth, and was on and off prednisone, which I hate.

Since she's been eating the chips and oil the sores are drying up and disapearing. I've stopped the prednisone, and I'm so happy she seems to be getting better. Originally, I got the oil and chips for my dogs, little did I know that my cat would love it too, and it would help the sores in her mouth. I LOVE CocoTherapy and I highly recommend it for all your pets, whether they have health issues or not.

Shelley Williams

My dogs and I have taken and tried tons of supplements, I can't even keep track of how many we've tried in the past. I'm a health nut and have been experimenting with natural & holistic health supplements for over 23 years. Out of all the supplement I've tried, I've never tried one like CocoTherapy coconut oil. I was doubtful at first, alot of the health claims seemed too good to be true, but now I've been converted! It has proven itself so many times for so many ailments, when nothing else worked. I not only use it for my pets, I use it for myself, for virtually everything.

My dogs and I have never felt and looked better since we all started taking your coco oil! It's delicious as well, we both love the taste! I now recomend it to all my health nut friends! My sister's Golden mix Shelby, was diagnosed with canine lymphoma. She underwent chemotherapy, which resulted in a lowering in her white blood cells. Her vet recommended a special diet, which included coconut oil. Coconut oil helps to support the immune system, support her digestive system, gives her necessary energy, and at the same time has a negative effect on tumor growth.

Shelby had been lethargic, lost her appetite, and seemed very depressed. She was also nauseated, and had diarrhea. When my sister added CocoTherapy coconut oil to her diet, Shelby's appetite increased, she seemed to gain her strength, her nausea and vomitting subsided, and her playfullness returned. She now goes on her daily walks and is interested in treats again. She loves CocoTherapy coconut chips too. There are studies too that show that coconut oil can prevent renegade cells to go "cancerous". Shelby is now in remission, and with the addition of coconut oil in her diet, hopefully will remain in remission and will help to prevent other cancer cells from forming.

Coconut oil is one of the most amazing, nourishing, healing, supportive super-food you can add to your dog's diet.

Dan Olsen

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